Yu Leon Liu


Hi! I am a third-year Harvard math graduate student. My advisor is Mike Hopkins. Before grad school, I did my undergraduate at UT Austin with Dan Freed.

Research Interests

I write both math and physics papers, mostly in between. My primary research interest is mathematical physics, mostly field theories and anomalies. Mathematically, I am also interested in knot homologies and homotopy theory. Besides math and physics, I am also interested in CS (DevOps, kubernetes, type theory and functional programming languages).

Paper and Preprints

Joint work with Aaron Mazel-Gee, David Reutter, Catharina Stroppel, and Paul Wedrich. See Catharina's ICM address for motivation and introduction of the ideas, and here is the notes for the address. Aaron gave a talk here, and here is the slides.

Joint work with Salvatore D. Pace.

Joint work with Arun Debray, Sanath Devalapurkar, Cameron Krulewski, Natalia Pacheco-Tallaj, and Ryan Thorngren. See here for Cameron and my CMSA talk, and here for slides.

Joint work with Arun Debray and Christoph Weis. Accepted to International Mathematics Research Notices (IMRN). See here for slides.

Accepted to Comm. Math. Phys.. For an extended version, see my senior thesis. See here for slides.


Talks slides and Posters

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